Dunnetts Farm, Huntingfield, Halesworth

Terms & Conditions

Availability and Booking
Should you wish to book Dunnetts Farm Barn, please refer to the availability calendar on this website. This gives an indication of the current booking position, but is not a guarantee of availability.
There are two ways to make a direct booking with us:

1. Complete and submit our Booking Enquiry form to make a provisional reservation. We will then contact you to complete the booking process; or,

2. Email or phone us to make a booking.

Provisional bookings are held for 7 days. Should a deposit not be received within the 7 days your booking will lapse. All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions, which are set out below.

The Contract

The contract is between the person making the booking on behalf of all members of the rental party (the Client) and us (the Owners) of Dunnetts Farm Barn (the Property). The person making the booking must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. The contract is entered into when the confirmation of the booking is issued (Confirmation) by the Owners and is subject to these Conditions. The Client must check the Confirmation carefully to ensure it records the client's requirements and notify us of any amendment immediately. Start Date means the date of commencement of the rental period as per the Confirmation. Departure Date means the date on which the Client is to leave the Property as per the Confirmation - departure must be by 10am on the Departure Date unless otherwise specifically agreed.


A deposit of 1/3rd of the rental fee is payable (save where clause 4 applies) if the booking is made 8 weeks or more before the commencement of the rental. On bookings made within 8 weeks of the Start Date the full rental fee is payable. Non payment of the balance of the rental on or before the due date (or on issue of the invoice for the balance whichever is the later) shall be construed as a cancellation of the contract by the Client.

Cancellation by you

Any cancellation made by the Client for any reason should be telephoned and be made in writing addressed to Sandra Taylor, Dunnetts Farm, Huntingfield, Halesworth, Suffolk,  IP19 0DB. Cancellation by email is not to be deemed to be in writing unless any such notice by email has been  acknowledged by the Owners. Payments are not refundable unless the Owners: (a) have re-let the Property for the period originally booked by the Client in which case any balance rental payment will be refunded; or, (b) are satisfied and have received proof there are exceptional circumstances that mean the booking cannot go ahead. For more information regarding what constitutes 'exceptional circumstances' you should contact the Owners. The Client is recommended to take out appropriate cancellation insurance.

Cancellation and changes by us

Should an Act of God or event or circumstance outside the Owners control arise, which could not have been foreseen or avoided, then the Owners have the right to cancel your booking and will refund the rental paid. In that event the Owners' liability is limited to payment of the refund. No compensation can be paid or costs that the Client has incurred as a result of such cancellation or change. The Owners reserve the right to alter or withdraw amenities or facilities which have been advertised or previously available, without prior notice where reasonably necessary due to repairs, maintenance, weather conditions and circumstances beyond the Owners control. The Owners reserve the right to refuse to hand over accommodation to any person or persons who in their reasonable opinion are not suitable to take charge of it. In such cases, the rental charges will be refunded less the deposit, the contract terminated and the Owners have no further liability. If in the reasonable opinion of the Owners, any person or persons are not suitable to continue the rental because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to property or danger or significant annoyance to others the contract may be terminated in which case the Owners will have no further liability and in this event no refund will be given.

Changes of Date

If the Client wishes to change a booking once Confirmation has been issued an administration fee of £25 will be payable. However it is important to realise that, if a change is made less than 8 weeks prior to the Start Date, the change of date may have to be treated as the cancellation of one booking and the making of another. In such cases cancellation charges may be incurred which may be as much as the total cost of the booking. If this is the case we would advise the party leader when the change is requested.

Rental Period

Rentals commence, unless otherwise agreed, at 4pm on the Start Date and terminate at 10am on the Departure Date. Please do not arrive earlier than 4pm as time is needed to clean the Property thoroughly between visitors. If you fail to arrive by 12 noon on the day after the Start Date and do not advise the Owners of this late arrival, your booking may be treated as having been cancelled.

Number of persons using the Property

The number of persons occupying the Property must not exceed 6 unless expressly agreed with the Owners. The Owners reserve the right to refuse entry to the entire party if this condition is not observed and in such a case no refund will be given.


Any shortcomings or cause for complaint should be notified to the Owners during the rental period so that they can take steps to rectify these. Any complaint not reported to the Owners at the time and only reported after your holiday will not be considered by the Owners. The provision of Wi-fi has been provided (at no extra cost) although this service cannot be guaranteed and is subject to technical availability.

Care of the Property

The Client shall take all reasonable and proper care of the Property and its furniture, fittings and effects in or on the Property and leave them in the same state of repair and condition and in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning. Please be reminded to lock the doors and close the windows when you leave the property unoccupied. Also note that in the event that any keys issued are not returned at the end of your stay, then the cost of replacement will be charged to you.


Pets are not accepted on the Property.  The Owner reserves the right to refuse entry to the entire party if this condition is not observed, or to terminate the contract on discovery of a pet, in which case the Owners will have no further liability and in this event no refund will be given.


Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vaping products) anywhere inside the Property (including under covered areas) is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination of occupancy and forfeiture of all payments. However, the Owners do not object to smoking outside the Property, such as on the patio where an ashtray has been provided for this purpose.


The Clients vehicles and accessories and contents are left entirely at the Client's risk. The Owners will not be responsible for any loss or damage from or to any vehicle from any cause whatsoever other than the negligence of themselves or their employees or agents.


The Owners cannot accept liability for any damage, expense, injury, death or loss or any nature whatsoever suffered by any person or persons from any cause whatsoever other than proven negligence of themselves their employees or agents.

Special needs and wheelchair access

The Property is primarily on one floor with one bedroom and an en-suite bathroom on the second floor. However, entrance points to some rooms are less than 80cm and therefore the Property may prove unsuitable for wheelchairs. Visitors with mobility difficulties should raise any enquiries as to the suitability of the property for their needs. It is essential that all booking applications from parties including people with special needs provide written details of those needs and confirmation that able-bodied assistance will be available. Further details in respect of accessibility can be found in our Accessibility Information, which is included as a separate document on this website.

Right of Entry

The Owners reserve the right to enter the Property at any time with or without notice in case of emergency or if they have reasonable grounds to believe that there is or has been a breach of these conditions.

Breakages and Damage

The Owners recognise that accidents do occur and request that any breakages are immediately reported so the broken item may be replaced, where possible. The Client must reimburse the Owners for replacement or repair of damaged items or extra cleaning costs. Please note that the towels provided are for guest use in the Property and must not be taken and used on the beach.  The property is privately owned and co-located with the Owner's home. The Owners expect all guests to enjoy the facilities and treat the property with the same respect that they would with their own home. The Owners do not currently operate a security deposit.

Data and Data Privacy

We treat any data collected during the course of making bookings or dealing with enquiries in strict confidence. Your data will never be shared with any third party nor will it be sold. Further information in this regard can be found in our Privacy Policy.


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